Move-out Checklist and Cleaning Checklist Guide

Forwarding Address and Contact Information

To ensure a timely and efficient return of your deposit, we will need your forwarding address and contact information. We will issue one check for any security deposit refund.

Your New Mailing Address: 

Be sure to contact USPS to change to your new forwarding mailing address, and 2) contact and provide your new mailing address to all vendors, subscription providers, utility companies, financial institutions, etc. (for all bills, newspapers and magazines, etc.). 

Security Deposit

Pay all applicable and outstanding charges owed.  Your security deposit cannot be used as your last month’s rent.

Your deposit refund will be processed within 21 days from the end of your lease term.

Key and Access Control Return

All keys and other items (properly identified) related to the premises must be left on the counter no later than 5:30pm the day of lease termination.  Rent charges will continue until we receive notice that all the keys are on the kitchen counter and all personal property is removed from the premises.

Checklist of Minimal Move-out Requirements

The following “starter” checklist is a reminder of the minimum requirements of residents prior to vacating the premises.

           Repairs: repair any damages to the unit.

           Cleaning: review “Tenant Cleaning Checklist” for complete cleaning requirements (included in this document)

           All light bulbs working

           All household and yard debris removed (if applicable)

           All keys and garage door openers inventoried at move in, left on the kitchen counter including any mail box keys

           Remove all debris and arrange for final garbage pickup. Professional debris removal is very expensive and will be charged to your security deposit

           Mow, weed and rake yard

Note:    Holes in walls should not be spackled, as spackling necessitates walls being painted. The Rental Agreement signed at move-in stipulated the property be returned in the same condition received, normal wear and tear expected. The "Property Condition Report" form signed at move-in, will be used to make this determination. Any alterations should be discussed with the Property Manager.

The Property Manager will inspect the property shortly after notice has been given that the property is vacant, and all keys and openers are on the kitchen counter.

Checklist Overview and Security Deposit

In preparation for your move-out inspection, please complete the following items included in this checklist provided to you as a courtesy “reminder” of what is expected per your lease agreement.   Please keep in mind that damage and the costs of non-compliance of the lease terms may be deducted from your security deposit.  Please understand that this checklist is considered a generalized guide for move-out as it may include items that do not relate to your specific unit (refer to your lease).  Your deposit refund will be processed within 21 days from the end of your lease term.


We have our homes professionally cleaned prior to resident move in.  Our expectation is that it should look the same when you leave.  You can leave it all up to us if you like.  We will have the home cleaned to the same standard as when you moved in.  We will simply deduct the cleaning costs from your deposit along with any damages and return the difference. 

If you prefer to do it yourself or hire your own cleaner that is fine with us as well.  Below is a simple guide to help.  Chances are, we can have the carpets cleaned cheaper than you, so you may want to leave that part to us.

o            Have the property clean throughout the interior and the exterior.

o            Cleaning your unit should include the following (at a minimum):

           Clean/wash all floors

           Dust and clean all mini-blinds

           Dust and wipe clean all windows inside and out (where applicable)

           Dust and wipe clean all window sills, window tracks, storm windows and door casings, trim work, baseboards and doors

           Dust and clean all walls to remove dirt and cobwebs

           Dust and wipe clean all ceiling fans and electric light fixtures

           Clean and wipe out all drawers, cabinets and shelves in the unit (especially in kitchen and bathrooms)

           Clean and wipe out all sinks, toilets, bath tubs, showers, and vanities in the unit (especially in kitchen and bathrooms)

           Clean and wipe interior and exterior (including top) of all appliances and fixtures in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility areas including refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, dishwasher, and washer/dryer

           Clean behind and underneath refrigerator, stove/oven, microwave, and washer/dryer (if included in unit). Be careful not to damage floors when moving appliances.

           Do not leave the refrigerator or stove unplugged after cleaning

           Dust and clean wipe in and around Fireplace/Mantle

           Clean and wipe down all hardwoods using proper care not to cause damage

           Have carpets professionally cleaned.  If you choose to hire your own carpet cleaner, leave the receipt on the counter as proof of service.

o            Tenant caused dirt is not normal “wear and tear.”

o            Pick up debris and animal feces on the exterior of the property and place them in the proper trash receptacles.

o            Close and secure all windows and doors before vacating

Draperies/window coverings/windows

Cleaning—If dusting is insufficient and there is an additional charge for cleaning, such charges will be deducted from your security deposit.

Replacement—If you have damaged or broken blinds or window coverings, they must be replaced, or your will be charged the full cost of replacement. 

o            Wipe all mini blinds – do not use harsh chemicals on the blinds.

o            Clean all windows inside and out (where possible).


o            The following must be in working order to avoid charges when moving out:

            Broken or damaged mini blinds

            Burned out light bulbs (interior and exterior)

            Non-working smoke or CO2 detectors AND batteries. Remember, it is the tenant’s responsibility to furnish working batteries after move in.

            Damaged and missing doorstops

            Furnace and Air Filters – vacuum, dust and change the filters just before you vacate the property, and make sure you use the correct size. Remember, it is the tenant’s responsibility to furnish and replace filters after move in.

            Drip pans and rings on stove (be sure to replace with correct size and color)

            Window screens (where applicable)

Landscape Care and Clean Up

o            The landscaping and exterior of the home should look the same as when you arrived. 

o            The outside area is to be neatly mowed, trimmed, pruned, fertilized, weeded, pine-straw/barked/mulched, weed-eat and watered for outside areas that apply in your rental contract.

o            Restore flowerbeds and “natural areas” to move-in condition by cleaning out and removing dead leaves and limbs out.

o            Remove all trash and debris, placing in the proper receptacles.

o            Remove grease or oil drips; dispose of motor oil properly – it does not belong in the garbage receptacles.

o            Pick up any animal feces whether you have an animal or not.

o            There will be a charge if you do not restore the landscape and lawn to its previous condition.


o            Tenants must dispose of all trash, i.e. mattresses, furniture, clothes, etc. properly, from both inside and outside the unit and in any storage areas.  No items are to be left in the unit or at the curbside/dumpster.

o            Do not leave large items in the yard, driveway, or at the street. 

o            Place all other trash within the appropriate trash receptacles for normal trash removal.

o            Do not overflow trash receptacles.

o            If you have trash that exceeds the normal pickup, you are to arrange to have it hauled away at your expense.

o            The entire cost of removal of trash or abandoned property will be withheld from the security deposit. The cost will be an hourly rate plus any dump fees, dumpster rental or trailer rental charges.


o            We request that you do not spackle, putty, or touch up paint unless sure the paint will match.

o            Charges can occur if unnecessary painting is required due to tenant painting.

o            Charges for painting depend on whether it exceeds normal wear and tear, and the length of time in the property.


o            Leave heat/AC units on to avoid any damages to unit from extreme heat or cold temperatures. Set to 80 degrees for AC in summer or 60 degrees for heat in winter.  Do not turn heat/AC completely off at move-out.

o            Utilities must be left on and in the tenants’ names until the last day of lease obligation.

o            If your heat source is fueled by oil or propane, you must have the tank filled at move-out. You must provide a receipt when you turn in your keys or charges will apply.